Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Battlegroup scenario played 'La Gleize'

Another game of Battlegroup today at Stephens as we are on a bit of a WWII binge at present !
Played a scenario from the 'Wacht Am Rhein' booklet entitled 'La Gleize' with Peipers unit having a bit of a last stand on outskirts of the village.
I played Nazis and Stephen got to field his Yanks for a change.
Nice scenario with all Spotting and hitting for Aimed Fire subject to a -1 to simulate Smoke and Mist shrouding the battlefield.
German vehicles also subject to a test to run out of fuel (a 1 on a d6 each time they move).

Great game which despite the Krauts being greatly outnumbered was a close contest.
We both saw Tanks suffer from 'random events' with my drawing a Mine Attack chit and destroying a Sherman but later Yanks drew a Breakdown chit which he placed on a Panther and rolled a 1 to see the crew abandon the Panzer !
With the poor visibility most shooting was Suppression Fire and with Yank Artillery causing a lot of my units to be suppressed leading to a lot of Chit draws to Rally.

German morale broke first as their 36 level was passed first although the US had accumulated 30 of their 38 so a close outcome.
Yanks had taken one of their 2 tactical objectives but would have had a real fight for the other.

Enjoyable game and with both sides having squads split into two teams the Orders issue I had was mute.
Battlegroup are a very slick set which I would term in some ways WWII-lite but they certainly generate a fast flowing and fun game.

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