Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Field Of Battle another Napoleonic scenario 'Lutzen: The PrussianCharge'

Another Napoleonic scenario played using Field Of Battle 2 rules today.
Scenario was an adaptation of a Gen De Brigade scenario 'The Prussian Charge' set around the action of the villages quadrangle near Gross-Gorschen in May 1813 as part of the battle of Lutzen.

We used our 2 base units again (as I dont have enough Prussian Grenadiers/Guard) with reduced scale (we use 1/2 of inch measures converted to base widths or 40mm which is essentially doubling the inches and using cms !).

A super game it was with Prussians taking Gross-Gorschen rather easily but then struggling to get any move cards for what seemed ages !

French reserves beat their Prussian counterparts to the field and Prussians struggled to deploy or gain ground.
They did take Klein-Gorschen on their right after a struggle (we gave +5 morale chips to a side if capturing/re-capturing a village, 10).
French guns managed to Rout several Prussians units of which I only recovered half.
But I was draining French morale through my own shooting.

French ran out of Morale first however they never actually gave any to their enemy !

The 10 Morale gained from capturing the villages proved the difference as when French pulled an Army Morale card which they failed the Prussians had a mere 6 remaining.

A close run thing and a hard pounding.

Great stuff with an excellent set of rules which I love for the 'narrative' style game they generate.

We plan to use same table to fight the follow-up scenario 'Le Garde Au Feu' with Young and Old Guard trying to take back control of area.

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