Saturday, February 18, 2017

Field Of Battle once more 'The Garde Au Feu' scenario

Another outing for FOB2 today using the same battlefield as last game but with scenario (adapted again from GDB) this time having French Guard attacking the villages in Gross-Goschern area to wrest them from the Prussians and Russians.

Another simply super game with this excellent fast playing rule set.

I lost 2 Generals today (rolling 1 on a D20 twice !!) and a unit of French Guard Lancers wrecked complete havoc on a Russian Brigade wiping out 1 Mounted and 3 Foot units without so much as suffering a single Out Of Command result (no odd rolls) or Pursuit loss (again no Odd rolls in final combat !!).
This saw Allied left wing collapse and the Prussian contingent also suffered at hands of Young Guard facing them.

Whilst Allies only lost one (Klein-Gorschen) of the 2 villages they held initially the losses were such that they folded at second attempt of an Army Morale card after running out of Morale but only after a hard fought and bloody battle.
So the French gained revenge for defeat in last scenario.

After three excellent games using FOB we are happy with it as a fast play set for big games (we have fielded 25+ units each in these scenarios).

I love the sweep and excitement this rules system engenders and the narrative it 'reveals' during a game.

We have now settled on a few small house rules for Napoleonic games which we feel suits our understanding and desires for the period (I like that the rules can take a few tweaks without fuss).
Essentially these are:
No unit can charge to contact when interpenetrating another.
Horse Artillery can Limber/Un-Limber on an Odd or Even winning Move roll.
Infantry Charged by Cavalry resulting in an Immediate Melee/Melee must try to form Square by rolling their DD vs Cavalry DD, if they roll higher they form Square and Cavalry must fight the square.
Infantry in Line in Melee with Cavalry are down 2.
If Infantry fail to roll higher they fail to form Square and count the down 2 above.
This compulsory roll only occurs in Class I terrain and only if flanks vulnerable (ie no terrain or Square within 2")
We have also reduced the Close (Cannister) range of Artillery to 4".
Foot Skirmishers can be fielded as 3UI units that are permanently in Skirmish and which must attempt to Evade if Charged (DD vs DD again).
Infantry in Line Moves at 4" per segment.
Raw Infantry can only charge to Contact in Attack Column.

Young Guard assault Klein-Gorschen

Russian Guard defend area of Gross-Gorschen

At start as French Guard appears

Doomed Russian left wing

Garde Au Feu..................................

Prussian Reverse units contest a slight rise (Note the 3UI Skirmish units)

Russians await with Blucher urging them on

Prussian Commander falls putting his troops Out Of Command (yellow markers)

Struggle in front of Gross-Gorschen

French Guard Lancers riding into flank of Russian Grenadiers

French push Prussians of the rise

All that remains of Russian left.
A Routing unit and a rather lonely and forlon (replacement) Commander

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