Tuesday, April 11, 2017

L'Art De La Guerre revisited......twice

Game with Stephen today and we decided to have a game using the excellent LADG rules which amazingly I have not used for nigh on a year (time simply flies by !!!).

I used Sassanid Persian and Stephen brought along his Late Romans.

Was very easy to get back into the rules so much so in fact that we managed two games ! one prior to lunch and one after.

First game the Sassanids under my command rolled just awful (especially my Elite Cataphracts) with a truly awe inspiring succession of 1's and simply could do little damage to the Romans.

Second game was much closer with the Cataphracts routing several Legionary units but their foot troops being mauled by Roman mounted.
Another loss for Persia but a bloody game.

Great to use the rules again and to field Ancient period armies after a long hiatus.

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