Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mortem Et Gloriam game played Avar vs Carolingian

Game at Stephen's today and another Ancients bash this time trying MEG rules.
I fielded Avars against Charlemagne's (Stephen) Carolingian force.
We used 10000pts which was 10 units or so each.
Took us a while to get through the set up stuff as ages since we played and similarly took a bit to get back to grips with the rules.
Moves, Combats and so forth are very easy to comprehend but the optimum use of the cards and various troop interactions took a tad longer to bring to any recall.
Still a very good game once we got going with decisive outcomes.

Stephen asked at end (after another win !) if I preferred MEG or LADG and I truly could not answer as I find them both to be excellent games.
LADG possibly quicker to play but that might simply be down to greater familiarity with its DBX roots.
Will happily play either.

Couple of pre-orders placed as well :-)

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