Thursday, April 06, 2017

Warfare In The Age Of Napoleon rules tried

Had a solo outing for these rules over past few evenings.
Usual Prussian vs French 1813/14.

A fast playing set with several very easy to remember systems for shooting and melee.

Rules are fairly brief with some gaps in coverage detail eg for buildings and their effects but nothing that cannot be sorted easily.

Usual phases of Movement (and Charges) but divided into a Mounted then Foot phase, Shooting, Melee etc. 

Initiative is rolled each turn with winner choosing to go first or second in each phase.

Shooting is 1 dice per base (usually 4 per unit) with a To Hit number to roll equal to or under on a D6. 
For instance Prussian Line require a 1 or 2 to cause a hit. 
Each hit is a casualty with a base removed after 6 hits (some massed types are 9s).
Artillery has once D6 per crew (normally 4 per battery) with Mediums (6-9pdr) requiring 1 or 2 to hit.
Dice are increased or decreased in number for various factors and then possibly halved (if moved up to half before firing) or doubled (Point Blank Fire).

Melee is similar with 1 dice per base then various additional or subtracted dice and halving or doubling for varied circumstances.

Morale is similar but (as per FOGN) several dice rolled with any single roll under a modified required number counting a successful.

Units can also accumulate Disorders which are Rallied off by remaining stationary and by an amount per quality type ie Average types 2 per turn Guard types 4 per turn.

Units can have skirmish screens (up to 4 figs) that can kill other skirmishers but only inflict Disorders on Formed units.

All in all a decent set but lacking some detail compared to Over The Hills.

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