Monday, October 16, 2017

Black Powder: A Clash of Eagles game played

Game of Black Powder played today using new A Clash of Eagles supplement.
I used Russians versus Stephen and his French.
We used the points system but I used Gen De Brigade terrain generation system to set up table and we diced for side (which proved a bit of a bind for me)
Really nice game using new rules (Albion Triumphant plus a few new) which generated a game very like Over The Hills.
Of course this is unsurpising as same co-author as OTH
We tried using Play Sequence as per BP (ie not having shooting first) and to be honest it worked fine as units now don't shoot if they move more than once.
One quirk of Russians is that their Artillery must deploy one per hill if possible which a problem as one hill was to read of deployment zone.
Russians are diffcult to co-ordinate for movement but are tough fighters and have good stamina (pretty much same as our tweaks to FOB) and favour the bayonet.
French by contrast move very easily especially in column and their skirmishing is effective (all but Russian Jagers are poor shots and poor Skirmishers)
We failed to finish the game as Stephen had to leave early (to try to avoid predicted stormy winds) but my Dragoon Brigade had broken on my left whilst things in centre were undecided.
Enjoyable stuff with a well tweaked version of BP

Not many pics as too caught up in action 

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