Saturday, October 14, 2017

L'Art De La Guerre again - Rome versus Carthage

Another game of LADG played this morning for which LADG eminently suitable as Stephen only had the AM hours free.
We played a historical match-up of Rome vs Carthage (Hannibal in Italy to be precise).
No elephants on Punic side but lots of Numidian Light Horse and several Elites (Cavalry and Veteran spearmen).
I fielded 3 Legions (1 Elite) with usual weak mounted command)
Hannibal invaded and picked Plains to fight upon.
I picked a river but failed to get it but did place a village to defend a flank.
Romans quite monolithic with so much heavy foot and with no place to hide the Cavalry (no deploying one command behind another in LADG) they were a target for Cartho mounted right wing.
I did get two Legions into combat (Elite Legion was skirmished by enemy mounted) along with my Cav and suffered mixed fortunes.
My Cav held out longer than expected but one legion succumbed pretty quickly whilst other held on.
In one turn I suffered horrendous losses enough in fact to end the game but I did at least kill some Punic units.

Another excellent game completed within our tight time frame (even with usual pre game waffling session)

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