Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another L'Art De L'Guerre game (and some SYW)

Played another game of LADG at Stephens pitting his Han Chinese against my Republican Romans (not strictly historical but at least contemporary opponents).

Another excellent game in which I tried a Flank March which was successful in arriving if a tad too early (ie turn 1 !!).

Legions not able to bring the Han mounted arm to contact and their Crossbows are quite effective vs Armour especially when potentially firing 10+ elements every firing phase.

All the Romans can really do is to chase them to reduce shooting.

I had a Pergamene Ally who along with the flanking command of Roman Horse bore the brunt of fight against Han foot (mix of Spears and Bow).

Another excellent game with this very playable rule set.

Also have a SYW solo game in progress on my table using Piquet Cartouche

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