Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Command Decision:Test Of Battle first outing

Game today using Test Of Battle version of Command Decision rules system at Stephens.
I have had these for about 10 years without trying them !
Used to play CD versions I & II quite a lot prior to arrival of Spearhead.
We used Stephens lovely 10mm kit with me as Canadians and he as SS in a scenario 'Buron' showing the 12th SS counter attack on 7th June 1944.
Great game with a much faster playing version of CD.
A lot of stuff has been refined to easier systems with a lot less firing and a new hit and hit effects system, although based around unit quality.
The CD orders chit system remains but with less order types and effects more playable overall.
Like Battlegroup rules high velocity weapons suffer as they essentially fire the same as anything else eg a 37mm hits same as an 88mm with only a smaller extreme range and of course much less penetration.
Some stats seem tad off as well such a standard Sherman has frontal armour of 8 but a Firefly has a mighty 10 whilst a PzIVh has a mere 6.
I prefer SH or FOBWW2 for larger games but TOB is great for games with couple of Battalions per side.
The WW2 kick continues...……………

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