Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Test Of Battle - Cristot Normandy scenario played

Another try with TOB this time using our 15mm kit and a scenario adapted from the Rapid Fire Normandy supplement.
Action is based around attack in area of Cristot on 11th June by 50th Infantry Division against 12th SS Hitler Jugend.
British were Regulars Morale 8 the SS Veteran morale 9 although if we were to play this again I would make one or other Experienced with same morale level as Veterans are very powerful in TOB with their +1 to hit.
The scenario was based on a 7' x 5' table and so I copied terrain pretty much exactly however the RF villages are a good deal bigger than the TOB built up areas so maybe should have reduced their footprint a tad.
But really made little difference to game overall.
Stephen took the SS defenders and we just had him set up hidden on a map which worked fine.
Tough to spot in Normandy terrain and defenders invariably get first shot in.
We also used the Special Events cards which are a nice addition with some minor but interesting effects for specific units or actions.

The deterministic Spotting rules take a bit of getting used to but work fine, but we still are not 100% sure we are doing Morale checks correctly in terms of some modifiers as to whether they are 'one offs' or last throughout game in particular Forced Back and Eliminated.
Otherwise a slick playable system streamlined a good deal from the earlier CDII we played years ago.

I suspect another outing for these soon

The area of operations pre-battle from German lines, Cristot center/left.

Dragoon Guards run into trouble

As Infantry deploys around Hill 103

Hill 102 occupied by Panther Platoon which which I never got close enough to spot.

Allied advance on left towards Brouray

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