Monday, December 03, 2018

Hitler's Reich more play time

Couple of games with my Dad with this addictive fast playing WW2-lite game.

Messed up first game however by forgetting to conduct end of year stuff (ie allocate random Events) so quickly re-started (very easy to do).

Second game was great with Dad pursuing a naval strategy against Britain instead of traditional Barbarossa in 1941.
However I was able to take Italy and strike into Germany supported in 1942 by Russians.
Eventually I surrounded Berlin and took it ending game as Germans had no adjacent area from which to launch a game saving counter blow.

Aborted game

Game two with Italy knocked out of war and Franco added to Axis

And a new acquisition (interested to compare to its fore-bearer We The People) 


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    1. Hi yes easy to play (once you get head around concepts) and great fun