Thursday, June 17, 2021

L’Art De La Guerre - Avar vs Carolingian

Another game of LADG with Stephen (recovering well) at mine with table seeing first proper action in months. 

This time up I used Avar against Stephens Carolingians for another nice historical match up

We both had a +3 Initiative but Stephen won and selected to attack on Plains, this is a bit of a disaster for my lot as this allows attacker to get right across the table into face of enemy thereby minimising room to manoeuvre/evade with my horse archer types.

Unfortunately my Slav foot on my right ended up faced by a Frankish impetuous cavalry command which proceeded to decimate them.

I did manage a good few shooting hits with some good turns of dice rolls but never enough to kill anything and as expected after only a couple of effective evades moves I had to fight with my mounted troops who failed to fight as well as they shot.

Another defeat but another quick and fun game with LADG and great to be back to regular gaming.


  1. Avar's and Carolingians, you don't see gamers using them very much.

    1. Probably not the ‘best’ armies but we enjoy the historical connection.

  2. Good looking game Garry. Armies that are heavily cavalry always look good and are a challenge to handle too—for both sides!
    Regards, James

    1. I find Infantry heavy armies generally easier to command in LADG and struggle to get the best from Mounted types especially those with lots of Light/Medium/Heavy horse archer types.