Thursday, September 16, 2021

L'Art De La Guerre - 2 games played

LADG played today at Stephens and we managed two games.

First up I used my Minoans against Hittites.

A fairly close game until my central Chariot command (the Dendra armour boys) came undone in center and then some heavy Spearmen and Bowmen were lost leaving gaps the Hittities could exploit.

The second game I used Stephens Ghaznavid figures against his Hindu Indian and this was an extremely close game indeed !

In fact it ended up with both armies breaking in same turn (Indians had lost a few more points worth) which I do not think we have ever had happen before ?

I won a Elephant clash and a Cavalry clash on my left and center but my right suffered from Indian Bowmen shooting and not helped by my having 6 Rally attempts (over 2 turns) for my elite Ghulams and failing every single roll (4+ needed). 

We both had a lot of 6:1 rolls in this game seeing units killed off pretty quickly. 

Found this which tickled my funny bone 


  1. great stuff mate, I have not played te rules but have heard great things about them


    1. Hi Matt, certainly fast playing and with fairly small amount of figures needed (if playing standard 200pt game) at its heart LADG is a much more playable version of DBM style game/

  2. Good looking table with the elephants and war machines in play.