Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lasalle 2 - French vs British 1811

Game of Lasalle 2 today with Stephen playing the third scenario with larger 300pt forces.

Stephen wanted to try out British circa 1811 so I used French.

We both had 18 units (5 Brigades each) in an encounter type match up with a fair amount of woods and a town area (we both forgot we could have added one terrain piece each)

We both thought Lasalle might struggle to reflect British 'style' but this proved to be unfounded.

Being a Linear Army the British General has an additional Linear Volley intervention by default which coupled with slightly better Skirmishing ability (we both put a unit into Sharpshooter mode so 39 Brit vs 36 French dice) and their unique Superior Shooting ability (8 dice in Line) made the British foot very potent especially their three Elite units.

This combo meant that against French foot in columns the British could deliver 2-3 devastating volleys and vs mounted two such volleys and still be able to change into square.

Since British won every skirmish phase they had optimal tactical flexibility in this regard (including on one turn generating six Voltigeur markers).

A French infantry Brigade of 4 veteran units in attack columns was shot to bits in this fashion, and then when I brought up Cavalry they too suffered hits and watched as British then formed square which of course can still shoot often with two dice.

My artillery (3 Batteries) was fairly decent with some lucky rolling destroying a British battery in short order.

But the tough British Infantry with their 'machine gun fire' was just too hard to deal with and I conceded despite having slight edge in Skirmishing with 4 British units adopting square as I had 1 foot Brigade done for and my 4 Cavalry (2 Dragoons and 2 Chasseurs) effectively blown as well.

British much better on table than they seemed at first blush.

Another quick playing game with Lasalle, what it lacks in period chrome it makes up for in playability in spades.

Armies at start (French on left)

British deployment (Portugese Brigade on right of image)

French centre with Cavalry supporting Infantry columns

Central clash after my Foot Brigade had been decimated (2 units disengaged to rear) and Cavalry advancing to fill gap.

French left in stand off with British right but with British Light Cavalry threatening

On French right a Brigade of Conscripts opposite the Portugese (neither Brigade used)

Remnants of central foot Brigade rallies behind guns (but with several permanent losses)

French guns continue to bombard as British infantry forms squares

French Cavalry taking some knocks after a couple of do or die charges and British shooting

Lots of damage inflicted on French center


Chasseur Brigade battered as French General intervened (Valiant trait) to no avail

Dragoons to their left also battered

British Cavalry readying for a charge, note the British 'Voltigeur' stands hampering French foot


  1. Some interesting rules mentioned, especially unit traits.

    1. Traits are not numerous and simple in essence, eg French in Assault Column dont pay extra MO to conduct a charge, British shoot with more dice, some units are more Resilient and potentially Rally easier, some shoot Poorly with less dice, heavier Cavalry count as Shock with bonus when fighting lighter Cavalry and no extra MO to charge. Simple but enough within the system to differentiate nationalities and unit types when combined with Skirmish values and strength/resolve stats. Broad brush but very easy to play and indeed remember which is a big plus as I get older :-)

  2. We also played Lasalle 2 with our friends this weekend! Vimeiro 1808.

    1. Great looking game on your Blog

    2. It was our first major battle in Lasalle 2. I can see that you are more experienced in such games. Finally, I wish the French successes!