Friday, January 21, 2022

Field Of Glory Napoleonic - French vs British in Spain

(Had to re-post this as original gone awol for reasons unknown)

Another game with FOGN today at Stephens.

I used French in Spain 1808-1812 list and Stephen fielded British from same period (with a Spanish ally).

Another fun game and I do so love the 'scenario' set up for this (really must try to adapt if for other sets) with my French adopting Prepared Defence and the British selecting Probe.

Such a lot of variation via a very slick and easy method.

Stephen felt that FOGN lacks distinct National Characteristics compared to some sets, but I think that the British are pretty unique with their hybrid Reformed Line formations (and British Training for allies like Portuguese).

The Veteran British in Extended Line formation are pretty tough if charged by French infantry as a lot of dice in shooting and re-rolling any 1's. 

Pretty much like last game it was decided on a single wing as 2 Large French infantry units on my left got pummeled before I could get to grips with Spanish foot on my right.

'Highlight' was my shooting with 13 dice from 3 units needing 5's to hit and scoring a truly impressive 1 hit, could have been worse I suppose ­čśë.

Pretty hard to recover from any set backs in FOGN which of course plays into its 2-4 hour game play time frame and equal points 'tourney' style.


  1. Gary, you need to establish a training school for your Dice!

    1. It is relentless no matter what type of dice or wether high or low rolls needed. These 13 rolls allowed re-rolls of any 1s as Veteran shooters but not a single 1 rolled either :-)