Thursday, January 27, 2022

Renaissance version of ADLG tried - TYW Early Catholic vs Swedish

Had a run out with new LADG Renaissance supplement today against Stephen using my Thirty Years War Catholic army against his Swedes.

We choose to use early (pre 1632) versions of these forces to test Tercios, Late Tercios and Caracole Cavalry along with Salvo Foot and Regimental Guns.

We found this to be an excellent (not just because its free) addition to the LADG rules and felt very like FOGR with its match ups and outcomes, but with much less rules overhead. 

Bit different having Battle Units which are essentially 2 standard units acting as single entity for movement and cohesion but shooting and fighting with separate dice but works fine in play.

Only real bind was having to refer to standard LADG rule book for bulk of rules which are not amended, but still played pretty smoothly.

Swedish Foot are pretty mean (just as in FOGR) not so much with shooting here but with the excellent Salvo trait which gives them Impact and Furious Charge at contact (charging or charged) and small added bonus from Regt Guns.

Tercios are not self supporting units as they are in FOGR but have highest cohesion level in game (8) giving them some added durability.

Support somewhat works differently but easily through formation groups including a chequer board formation which he period feel well.

Caracolling Cavalry was interesting option although mine were overwhelmed by more numerous Pistol types, and was very interesting to note that they can actually evade (which is very plausible although not intuitive for heavy armoured units)

Some different costs for PIP usage and of course much more shooting in game with all the muskets but all worked seamlessly and gave plausible outcomes overall.

A very enjoyable game and expect we will use these a good deal in future.


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    1. Was actually pretty good and compact and beju on a 120cm x 80cm board