Thursday, November 24, 2022

Le Art De La Guerre two games played

At Stephens today and played 2 games of LADG.

He (and brother John) is for competition in Cork in January so some practice games for him although he has not decided on army to use as yet.

First game Stephen used Early Achamenid Persian and I used Galatians.

Pretty bloody affair and whilst I had poor PIP dice (Ally went unreliable at start) my combat dice were average for once. However I did manage to lose all 3 (!!) of my included Generals which helped topple my army first but did inflict some damage on way down.

Next up Stephen used Hunnic bunch and I morphed my lot into Gallic to let him face a large 30 element force. My dice were diabolical on one turn of being shot at and melee, mainly against Franks, (this can be very frustrating) and I never recovered despite better spread of results later. The large Gallic army did take awhile to defeat though (quantity proving a quality of its own) but never felt the Gauls posed much threat especially the medium swordsmen contingents and Huns of course tough to pin down.

Getting 2 games in amidst our waffle is always a bonus.

The Persians and Galatians tussle

Gauls go 'wall to wall' against Huns


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