Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ulster Wargames Society- Dresden 1813 scenario with Field of Battle

UWS meeting today and I put on and umpired a Field of Battle game.

I utilised a GDA scenario based on second day of Dresden 1813 with Ney atacking Allied left wing.

Scenario run pretty much as written with units adjusted to FOB stats.

I also used the deployment option from GDA 1813 supplement with defender using markers (and 2 dummies) for his Brigade deployments, the attacker then scouting 2-3 of these prior to deployment of units with any unveiled Brigades being placed on table, then attacker deploys, then balance of defenders deploy. I like this option for a bit of variety and its very easy to use. 

French (5 Brigades with a Guard Lancer brigade as reinforcements) were commanded by Dave T and Dave B with Allies (5 Brigades) under command of Andy and Dave S (so many Daves !).

Andy new to rules but seemed to pick them up pretty easily (not hard with FOB).

Twas a great game to umpire and watch unfold as so many key moments and some to and fro action.

French seemed to have things in the bag early on after some excellent Move options and combats taking Sieditz village very easily and advancing onto high ground on their left, an initial mistake by Allies not occupying this but to be fair Andy not fully aware of how far and fast the French could advance in FOB (they got 3 moves so 24" on first Move card).

But later a Russian 12pdr battery managed to deploy and devastate a French unit and French expended a lot of effort to get rid of these guns, 

Then a Veteran (ie Crack in FOB terms) Hussar unit engaged advancing French Young Guard brigade catching them out of square and routed one unit and heavily damaged another in quick succession.

Another standard Russian Hussar unit tussled with French Light Cavalry and this went back and forth with both sides damaged (the Hussars later dispersed after evading a Young Guard unit) and French lights pulled back.

By this time the vaunted French Guard Lancers (both C10 D10 but only 3 UI as small) had arrived on this flank but only one managed to get into combat against the Veteran Hussars and was ignominiously repulsed !

On Allied left a Brigade of Prussians held the rise falling back once French massed with a 12pdr foot battery surprisingly/heroically/annoyingly (adjust to taste) holding out against multiple charges for several turns.

However despite these local Allied successes overall things were going downhill fast for them as casualties mounted (ie Army Morale dwindled) and their right flank was almost annihilated with the sterling Hussars only saving grace.

Allies soon down to zero Morale but passed first Army Morale test but started 'gifting' morale chips to French and could not survive second Army Morale test so yielded field to French (who had at least half their Army Morale intact).

Another fun game with FOB and as ever always nice to fight a game to completion.

View from Allied left (Prussian Brigade nearest) about mid-way through action with French pushing into Allied right and centre.

The Allied right under pressure from Young Guard just before Hussars ride to rescue/glory

Lots of casualties and disorders

Tussle atop the high ground

Siednitz in centre firmly in French hands as they push beyond into Allied centre

Prussians hold the Allied left on a rise 

Allied line wobbling under pressure

Also at club were several other games, I was too busy to see much of these or know outcomes.

Jeremy M and co had an interesting MTB type naval game (US rules but do not recall name but card based it seemed) with 1/6000th (?) kit.

Leslie, Phil and Billy played a 28mm Wild West gunslinger game (with Leslie's home brew rules) with lots of nice buildings.

Mike, Bryn and Simon had a 28mm game of Chain of Command with British vs Fallschirmjager.

Club also had a 'Bring and Buy' selection on a couple of tables but I managed to resist as last thing I need is more lead to paint although some books were enticing.



  1. Looks like a good club night. Your game looked very nice and once again FOB gives you the better play experience than ‘recent’ napoleonic outings :-)

    1. Morning and afternoon but yes good days gaming all round. FOB is my fav but for others not so much so always trying to find an alternative. GDA has a lot in its favour but also some stuff not so much.