Wednesday, March 22, 2023

L'Art De La Guerre two games played (and a wee tiny bit of painting)

Two games of LADG played at Stephens today using my Punic Romans (glutton for punishment) against Gauls and then Late Macedonian (Phillip V).

As ever my Romans failed to achieve very much in combat although today I had only half of the Legionaries armoured to allow use of 2 Brilliant Generals.

Big plus for LADG is being able to complete a decent game in a couple of hours and usually 2 games in our sessions.

Romans facing Gallic hordes

And lined up against Macedonians (and the sun)

Also managed to paint up some more 6mm WW2 stuff for Spearhead (really has been neglected too long) with 3 x 12cm German mortars teams 2 x PzGr companies and 3 x British infantry companies. 

The painting takes very little time really but basing (with Basetex) chews up clock a bit more as some care needed with such small chaps.  


  1. Quite a few 6mm troops, it does take more time than you'd think.

    1. It certainly does now eyes have dimmed and struggle to see the little chaps (I now have to use one of those headband magnifiers)

  2. First painted output we've seen from you in quite a while, Gary. Bravo!

    1. Yeah been a while, would not hold my breath for much more unless needed for a specific scenario or similar.