Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spear Head - Silent Night scenario played

Another outing with SH and 6mm stuff today using the 'Silent Night' scenario from Western Front book which is an encounter battle set on 25th December 1944 during Bulge.

I took Germans from 2nd Panzer Division comprising a Panther Bttn, a PzGr Regt (2 Bttns) and a Pz Jager Bttn (which could be parceled out or used as complete Bttn) and Stephen fielded his (seldom seen) US forces with 3 Armd Inf Bttns and 2 Tank Bttns.

Another excellent game with SH and one in which we saw the power and flexibility of inherent US indirect fire support platoons (neither side had an off-board artillery or air support) as his Bttns had several such stands and almost double the Germans.

As indirect fire comes first in SH this allowed Yanks to pour on some hurt causing suppression (Stephen had some really good rolls with his support stuff even if needing 11-12 on 2d6) on targets meaning they do not get to fire in later phases (the sequence of play along with shooting at like targets and target proximity rules work really well).

I keep my PzJgr as a complete Bttn as I wanted the extra manouvre element but in hindsight I may have been better attaching the Stugs and Pak40s as supports to other Bttns although this would have meant having only 3 Bttns vs 5. The scenario rule that forces German Bttns to test for running out of fuel (no further vehicular movement only pivoting) from turn 4 meant that depending on the Panther or Stugs to advance off enemy table edge was unlikely so really down to the PzGr on foot or defending the US hill objectives in a defensive posture.

We only completed 6 of scheduled 12 turns (too much waffling as usual) and things still in balance but one of PzGr Bttns was coming very close to a Morale test and Panthers stuck out of fuel so advantage with Yanks.

Great to get the venerable 6mm stuff out of boxes again with a very playable rules set.

The battlefield from German edge prior to deployments

Battle joined with Panthers pushing ahead and PzGr encountering US Tank and Armd Infantry Bttns

Panthers got no further as fuel ran out, 2nd PzGr Bttn advances on left as 2 US Armd Inf Bttns are supported by a Tank Bttn from reserve

My Stug Coys just about visible bottom of pic shored up my right but PzGr 1st Bttn is being heavily engaged by Tanks and Armd infantry.


  1. Good to see a Spearhead game on table. We mostly ran CD for our WW2 battles, but in the 6mm scale SH really comes into its own.

    1. Test of Battle (CD4) game in the offing, we found that CD system suited smaller games (maybe 1-2 Bttns per side) as so many more manouvre elements and order options each turn compared to SH. A more 'tactical' set with longer ranges and moves than SH.

  2. Cheers, not many WW2 games where you get 9 Bttns on a 5' x 5' table, the joy of a smaller scale.