Saturday, March 18, 2023

Regimental Fire & Fury - 1864 group game

Game with the chaps at Mr Ps today using the ever reliable and enjoyable Regimental Fire & Fury with their excellent 15mm kit and terrain.

Scenario was adapted by Mr B from a Johnny Reb scenario and is set in 1864 during Shermans campaign although I believe it is a fictional encounter.

Mr P and I took Union with Mr B taking command of our reserve (nice to see him actually get to play for once) whilst John and Le Duc led the Rebs.

Situation is Rebs in defense along a stream/river with Feds attacking with superior numbers and quality (Feds all Veteran or Crack whereas Rebs had several Green units).

Union march on in columns along roads from their table edge under long range fire of Reb guns and muskets. 

Opening salvoes from Reb guns started a trend that was to continue for both sides to an incredible unabated amount ie the rolling of 10 and going low on ammo !

I swear easily 90% of engaged units ended up low on ammo (blue chits in pics) and indeed this is first time I saw use of ammo wagons in a F&F game (Union were able to replenish a couple of batteries)

I was in command of a large veteran Union Brigade under General who was of able status who died very early on (as did one of Mr Ps) being replaced by a less able chap (ie poor status) but thankfully this did not stymie my advance much due to good Manoeuvre rolls. 

My veteran Brigade of 6 units with 3 guns (just off shot) on Union left

Mr Ps Brigade on right (Mr B had another Brigade arriving after a couple of turns)

Still it took me a full six turns to get into attacking posture ie behind a extended line 'screen' with supported units.

Once I launched my charges it was a mixed bag with my units on left forcing Rebs back then carrying a defended wall on a hill but my units on right failing against a gun battery, then forcing it to retreat before being pushed back across the river by Reb counterattack.

Overall this right wing of Reb army was pretty well mauled but still able to resist

Mr P and Mr B took longer to get into engagement range and only managed to conduct one or two charges but the Reb commanders yielded as they thought their goose was cooked (I was not so sure) with losses in stands at 35 Reb and 37 Union. 

Another great game with F&F. We played I think 8-9 turns out a scheduled 12-13.

Rebs deployed along river bank guarding three bridges/fords

My Brigade begins to deploys from march

My guns are deployed to support advancing Brigade

Brigade has assumed attack formations, Rebs on my left have been forced back from river bank to wall on hill

My assault on hill and along road goes in and is successful

But am about to be repulsed on right side of road after forcing a gun battery to retreat by a Reb counter attack

View from Reb lines just prior to my crossing river

In center and right the Brigades of Mr P and Mr B approach river line

And later assault the river line

Rebs of Le Duc defending the Confederate left wing 

General overview of battle as my initial assaults begin and rest of Union army moves up.


  1. Super looking game.

    1. Thanks all down to rest of chaps as all their kit

  2. Great looking game, the tabletop looks excellent too.

    1. Cheers it was an excellent game.

  3. Nice looking game, never played Regimental but have played quite a bit of Brigade.

    1. Been years since we used Brigade rules but essentially the same just adjusted slightly for lower level encounters.

  4. Very handsome looking table!