Thursday, September 21, 2023

Field Of Battle 3 - Markkleeberg scenario played

Game with FOB3 (yahoo) today with Stephen using Markkleeberg 1813 scenario (an adaption from a Lasalle scn) that we played several months ago with Battle Cmd.

I choose FOB3 rather than Batt Cmd for no good reason (I like both sets) other than more familiarity.

I was attacking with larger Prussian/Russian force against the French ensconced on large hill.

I had terrible initial Move rolls (so many ones) so slow getting across table and this allowed French Artillery to cause hits.

When I did get to close range Stephen had a run of cracking rolls in one sequence that fairly decimated my lines.

I came undone further in center when a Daring Deed rallied a Routing unit but saw the Prussian Brigadier killed and it took awhile to restore leadership and cohesion.

I did manage to get Russians on my right across stream but French reserves arrived to thwart progress not helped by my Veteran Russian Hussars being ignominiously destroyed by French Chasseurs.

My Prussian reserves arrived on my left but they too were tardy and where too late to the forward area.

We had to end things before completion but as I had lost 29 out of 35 Morale (but only 3 units actually KIA altough 3 more Routing) whilst French had lost a mere half dozen morale points so it was kind of a foregone outcome.

Game was as is usual with FOB a quick playing, eventful and enjoyable (always a BIG +) time and as always just hits that sweet spot for me of playability, plausibility and flavour with a great narrative to action.

The battlefield before deployments. French to be positioned on right sector

Allied advance is slow bar on the right

French on hill

Twice these two Brigades declined to Move

Progress at last to stream

Russian Jager Brigade across on right but just as French reserves appear

Central Prussian Brigade which is soon to lose its Commander

Losses mounting for Allies


  1. Anonymous11:27 pm

    I've tried Battle Command but am tempted to stay with FoB3 as it plays faster and I think is better for multi player as you do not get bogged down deciding which actions to take.
    What are your thoughts?

    1. Pretty much just that :-) Bat Cmd is usable for multi-player but I find FOB3 is quicker, slicker and easier for multi-player games. Bat Cmd is in some ways a better 2 player game than FOB but its not by much Imho.

    2. For 2 player I would happily use either but will likely stick with FOB3 for multi-player especially if players not fully offay with rule system.

    3. Anonymous2:45 pm

      Thanks - I don't know why I'm anonymous it's Steve Metheringham!

    4. Hi Steve - its a Blogger thing I often come up as anon on other Blogs