Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ulster Wargame Society - Monthly meeting and A Distant Plain (solo)


Attended UWS today thinking I was to participate in Combat HQ game but got my months mixed up as scheduled for next month (senior moment) but lots of chat/waffle with others and watched some ongoing games.

Andy and Ian had another Team Yankee practice bash ongoing (competition in Cardiff in New Year) with some new Mdf buildings in use (due for a paint job soon). BAOR vs Czech (?) forces but don't know how it turned out. Not a fan myself of the Flames of War family of rules but players were having fun and that is what counts.

Phil and co had another large 20mm game this time a Zulu Wars game (based it seemed on Isandlawhana ?) with an interesting off-table maneuvering system. Phil had boosted his Zulu forces with some home made figures utilizing Milliput (not aware that was still around) which looked fine especially from a distance. Believe Zulus narrowly won this.

The 'strategic' board

Last but not least the 'Two Daves' had a couple of game using Field Of Glory Renaissance using Italian armies with lots of heavy metal Gendarmes, Pike Keils and Arquebus or Crossbow armed troops.

First game was Milanese versus Maximilian Imperial which was seemingly an easy victory for Milan.

In second game Milanese faced a Florentine (?) force a game which I watched for good while (FOGR enticing to play again) with Milan certainly not having things their own way when I left.


During week I had another solo COIN session this time with A Distant Plain and the medium scenario. Great fun with US managing a last gasp victory by suddenly leaving Afghanistan en mass (hmmm sounds tad familiar). Find these games so immersive even in solo mode.

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