Thursday, September 07, 2023

They Couldn't Hit An Elephant - another play test (and new arrival - The Russian Campaign 5th Edition)

Another outing for TCHAE at Stephens today as we try to house rule 'rough' edges to our satisfaction as we both still like the overall system.

Shooting at multiple targets with differing to hit numbers within shooters 'fire zone' and distribution of any hits we are still finding tad tough to resolve easily, but further play test today hopefully got us to decision we will implement.

Stephen favours using lowest target hit number as basis for shooting with some dice therefore being essentially of no use (vs high defence targets - sort of a 'soak off') whereas I favoured rolling dice then using 'total hit value' to select hits as you wish (so you could combine dice to hit 'tougher' target in lieu of 'softer' target).

Either method works with Stephens method making some targets (such as skirmishers) essentially invulnerable unless isolated, but produces more hits on other targets, my method allows (occasionally) the tougher targets to suffer a hit but at cost of less hits on softer targets. 

We are going to apply Stephens method as since we are using his figures etc only appropriate he gets swing vote :-)

Scenario was based on action during Stonewalls 'Valley' Campaign in 1862 but we didn't complete as lots of rules discussion (purpose of game) with comparison as to how TCHAE differs or resembles other sets we have tried.

Whole kit and caboodle Stephens excellent 15mm figures and his terrain, there was a lot of artillery in this scenario (I had 6 batteries out of 18 units).


The Russian Campaign 5th Edition from GMT arrived (felt I just 'had' to upgrade after enjoying old but not very user friendly original) but not had much time to devote to it thus far. 

Initial impression is that it is firmly aimed at the more 'mature' gamer ie those likely to have owned the early Jedko or AH version back in the day (1976/77) as all components are larger than usual, big counters, large map (34" x 44") and hexes and even the play aids and QRS sheets are in larger than usual font. 

Nice addition is odds markers (various from 1:2 through to 7:1) you place on combats as reminder.

All good ideas for aging types with lessening sight and memories of which I now have to count myself one of the club.

Brief skim of rules reveals basic game is essentially unchanged from original (good) but there is a plethora of optional variant units and several pages of accompanying optional rules, gleaned from various sources over the years (such as Moves Magazine). 

Am not offay with all these variants but nice to have the options for variety.


  1. The new 5th Edition TRC from GMT is a peach! I have it after much debate as to whether to get the GMT version or the Compass Games release, I am glad I went with the former. It remains unpunched, but with a promise to play by Christmas. This titles holds plenty of nostalgic charm for this gamer :-)

    1. Yes great nostalgia with much improved components. Looked at Compass version as well (mounted single board an attraction) but this was cheaper so that swung it. Not sure I will ever use the variants but nice to have.