Monday, September 24, 2012

Field Of Glory Ancients Punic War Encounter

Played another miniatures game today against Stephen this time at my gaff.
We decided to give Field Of Glory Ancients a run out using the overview of the upcoming Version 2 I found on FOG forum (not exact on some details but enough to play with).
I used my Republican Romans and Stephen fielded the Carthaginians under Hannibal (ie Inspired Leader). Another superb game decided in the main by Punic Elephants and again a relentless failing of Death Rolls by yours truly !
Version 2 stuff we liked as definitely a curb on Skirmishing types mainly in restricting their ability to escape without major risk and indeed they all now are forced to Evade against Battle Troops (ie no dicing to try to stand).
They now only shoot at 3" so again at more risk of being caught.
Another change is in how Leaders contribute Control as Tactical Commanders now command a maximum of 2 units, Field Commander 4 and Inspired 8. This is a change Ii particularly like.
TCs a tad less desirable now.
Another change we found potent is that anyone losing in Impact phase suffers a -1 Cohesion (in addition to -1 for losing to Impact Foot).
Also units now only take a -1 Cohesion if suffering 2 hits per unit meaning a 6 stand unit requires 3 hits instead of current 2 to suffer this factor.
Units that suffer 50% losses and rout cannot be rallied (effect Superior and Elites).
Only new rule we could not fathom (as not explained on the amendment list)  is the hinted at change to units 'leapfrogging/teleporting' through friends when moving/evading.
We played that this was only relevant if said unit got caught by following enemy but not sure what new wording will be.
We liked these changes overall and actually looking forward to playing more games of FOG (as a nice alternative to our favoured DBMM) if the proposed changes go through as indicated.

Carthaginian deployment

Rome's Legions arrayed across the field

Hurling insults stage

Lines clash

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