Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Retreat The Russian Front another go

Played another game of this excellent board Wargame at my Dads last night.
Campaign scenario (must try some if the others) with Dad as Herr Hitler once more and yours truly as Uncle Joe Stalin.
Super game with Nazis taking Leningrad but failing elsewhere.
Two Panzer armies were surrounded near Vorenzeh and captured after narrowly failing to break out and this dented Hun ambitions a good deal.
However a large Ivan counter offensive just west of Moscow failed miserably with loss of four armies to one German thankfully the Reds able to restore losses next turn. Game ended in Soviet sudden death victory on turn 12 (early 1943) due to retaking of 6 cities.
We had couple of rules wobbles (biggest was my placing 5 counterblows in one turn but neglecting to discard cards of which I think I had only 4 or 4, we done it every other turn ok !!).
Germans came close to sudden death win in turn 9 but a staunch defense at Stalino and Kharkov thwarted them.

Only couple of pics as too engrossed in action

Opening moves of Barbarossa
Nazis push Eastwards

Moscow looking vulnerable after failed Soviet offensive (check the destroyed box on right)

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    just bought this game, really looking forward to giving it a go.