Friday, September 21, 2012

Field Of Glory Renaissance game

Game of FOGR yesterday at Stephens using a late version (circa 1642) of my Imperialist Catholic Army against Stephen's French lot.
A really good game that turned into a real slug-fest with poor Death Rolls being death of me in the end !
Good to get some lead on table instead of cardboard :-)
No time for better AAR just now, as packing my lad off to Nottingham University today.

Old iPhone pics again so not great

French at start

Imperial opponents

Imperialists had better of terrain 

Center of French deployment

Imperial Reiters and Commanded shot

Cannons deployed behind (makeshift) Field Fortifications

Dutch units in French service on their right wing

The French foot

Imperial Cuirassier with approaching French Dragoons

Opposing wings about to clash

And going at it..........both Reiter units destroyed by now !

Less dense clash on other wing

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