Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fighting Formations GD on the table

Managed to find a time slot to get this up on table for play through. Very nice game with interesting Order Matrix and Command System. Game reminds me of Conflict Of Heroes in several respects with Cards representing Assests mainly and a Chit Pull system for damage from hits on units. Counters very nice and good functional maps. I like the way units are Platoons but can be broken down into single Squads or AFVs. System leads to lots of decision points each turn as one decides which Order to use (costs differ for Soviets vs Germans) and how much Initiative to use or surrender.
Stacking is unlimited per hex but since a single shot affects everything in a hex I see dangers inherent in such a strategy albeit if one wants and effective Assault one needs numbers. Nice system of Reactive and Opportunity firing  limited by Rate Of Fire (ie rolling at or under Rof on a dice) I see this one gaining favour and hope the series expands in due course.

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