Sunday, September 02, 2012

Wilderness War (Vassal) 1757 ends

Norman and myself eventually finished 1757 turn of our Vassal Wilderness War game (delays due to work/holidays for us both throughout July/August).
An eventful year (ie I played too many bloody events !) with Johnston dying early on a dent in British ambitions.
French launched several unsuccessful raids in the West.
They did however take Fort William Henry and Montcalm came South down the Hudson to try to drive off my force under Loudon which was trying to recapture the Fort.
The illustrious French General failed and had to retreat but Loudon then failed to conduct a siege of the fort.
General Wolfe appeared early in British OOB (made up somewhat for loss of Johnston) and made an Amphibious Assault into Louisbourg Fortress space.
He managed to established a siege but failed in his Assault upon the fortress.
Attrition at years end is brutal in this game (especially if you don't read the rule !!) with any Drilled troops in wilderness areas or as in our case both besieged and besiegers suffering grieviously (you loss half reduced Drilled troops and Reduce all full strength Drilled troops !!).
After a fitfull start with this Vassal game I think we are both getting into it a tad more now and hopefully will flow a bit more steadily from now on.

Overall situation at end of 1757
Hudson river has seen a lot of activity

Stalemate in west regions

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