Monday, March 18, 2013

Yet more Combat Commander

Played another two excellent and hugely enjoyable scenarios (from Normandy battlepack) with my Dad on Sunday evening.

First up was US vs German affair behind Omaha Beach with Germans attacking a cut-off US formation. Lots of open ground for Krauts to negotiate but they have a Radio to call-in a 75mm Battery whose primary use seems to be planting lots of smoke to mask/protect movements. Took my Dad a couple of turns to realise this before he put a Smoke stonk in om my posistions. Time Triggers came thick and fast in this one thwarting Krauts a great deal. They did come up on my weaker left flank but suffered from my on-board Medium Mortar and some high dice rolls. As Sudden Death was activated at first attempt the Yanks had a positive VP total to carry the day.

Next was a scenario covering fighting in Caen during OP Goodwood in July 1944. I had Canadians with support of some FFI types who garnered improved movement if moving with Cannucks. As this was a Night scenario this was very useful. Germans had a bunch of Conscripts at start but with several Wire entanglements. Both sides had rerserves that would appear at one of the 5 Victory Locations (determined by 'random' objective chits that come with this battlepack) So neither of us could be sure exactly where these would turn up. The initial Hun defence line looked formidable but the added move and cover of night enable me to slip a sizeable force through their lines and come up behind them. When reserves arrived I was well placed despite losing one objective building to newly placed Huns. Bit of tit for tat went on with Huns killing a couple of my units in Melee (Dad had 3 Ambush cards in his hand on one turn !) but I exacted revenge with a large fire group killing a couple of units over a couple of turns. Again Time Triggers were plentiful and as Sudden Death approached I gambled all in a melee as I knew if I won it I would force Hun to surrender but if I lost I would be only 1 unit shy of my own Surrender level and was behind on Victory Points. I had 1 Ambush in hand and as it turned out my Dad had none so I broke one Squad and then managed to win the melee (after several re-rolls due to use of Initiative Card) to force Huns to shout 'Kamerad Kamerad' and secure the win again

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