Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shifting Sands: Tobruk falls to the Afrika Korps

Playing a Pbem of Shifting Sands: The Campaign for North Africa 1940-1943 board wargame via Vassal with Norman and felt I had to report (ie rub it in) success by the Afrika Korps in taking the port of Tobruk from the Englanders in Winter 1941/42 !!
At second time of asking of course (I attacked in 1941 but was repulsed) and succeded due to Luftwaffe support the timely arrival of a Panzer Battlegroup and a damn fine roll (5 with +1 for flyboys) versus a bloody poor roll (1) by Churchills lot (rolls done by Norman).
However part of reason for gloat is that I fear the success will be fleeting as British are lined up in some strength along Eygptian border ready for a concerted push west methinks.
Will be interesting to see if Norman has cards in his hand (due to Malta convoys he has a 9 card hand to my mere 6) to exploit opportunity my bold success has presented.
I love these CDG type games for just this sort of narrative produced and inherent unpredictability.

Tobruk ist gefallen

PS I really ought to note that Norman generously pointed out a game losing flaw in my previous turn when I had left Tripoli ungarrisoned which dastardly French in Chad could have entered thereby putting every single Axis unit in North Africa out of supply and subject therefore to elimination at turn end !!!! I gave him a 'free' Victory Point but still a very gentlemanly move on his part.


  1. Norm deserves a pat on the back.

  2. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Don't believe any of this - all German propaganda - our boys in the Middle East are advancing on all fronts!

  3. Great to see or hear about such conduct