Thursday, March 21, 2013

Field Of Glory v2 Early Bulgar vs Sui Chinese

Had an another evening free so Stephen and I decided to have a game and had a toss up between DBMM, FOG Ancients or FOG Renn and we plumbed for FOG again as both keen to try out differing armies with latest version.
So I decided to try a Turkish type army going with Early Bulgar in end to try out blocks of 6 Lancers as I knew Stephen was going to try a Chinese type army which always has lots of shooters, and indeed he picked Sui Chinese as opponents.
What a great game it turned out to be again with the 6 base Lancer units proving quite robust.
One did ride to its doom taking out a couple of units before being surrounded and crushed as it outrun support (Slav foot).
Mind you it was Stephens turn to have some truly awful dice rolling with him three (!!!) times roll snake eyes on Cohesion tests (I could of course not fail to cheer/shout/jeer each time !!).
We ran out of time to finish game with it hanging in balance with another two 6 block Lancer units about to engage enemy but with Sui Cataphracts also due to join fray.
Great stuff and we seem to be enjoying FOG more each timne we play. Strange the change from finding it fairly bland to enjoyable.
Compared to Dbmm it is most certainly easier to pick up/understand but both have their pluses and minuses and I would happily play either.

Only a couple of pics from set up as I got too engrossed to remember to take more.





  1. Great that you enjoyed the game so much, I'm finishing a game tonight but still on 1st ed.


    1. Hi Ian
      Don't really know why but I never took to v1 and whilst it is essentially the same game I do like v2.
      Maybe just down to liking/playing FOG Renn/Naps ?
      I di think that the new tweaks make a better game/simulation all small things but better overall
      Simple tweaks like most moves being reduced by 2" after turns etc or the change to some mounted bow ranges (meaning Lt Horse at more risk)
      and the restrictions on command of leaders all positive improvements we find. Biggest change we have seen in our games is that more negative factors in cohesion tests or at least the negatives come into play more often which seem to be making melee outcomes more decisive ie we are finding less ongoing melees with both sides locked in for several turns, more likely now one side will suffer morale collapse. Maybe it is just how dice rolls have gone for us ?

  2. Excellent! More miniatures on the table... can't have this become a boardgames blog!

    1. Check the Blog title :-)

      Never mind Miniatures on the table the amount underneath requiring painting is staggering !