Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WW2 Barbarossa To Berlin revisited

Played another game of WW2 Barbarossa To Berlin with my Dad, and another cracking game it was.
We also managed to fight this one to a conclusion.
Dad was as ever the Axis and I the Allies. This time he chose Op Barbarossa as his opening gambit and plowed a furrow through Russian lines in the north threatening Moscow right away.
In fact he took Moscow and killed Stalin despite my placing reserves directly into the city.
However strategically he left Minsk,Kiev, Odessa and elsewhere untouched and this was to cost him later.
I did take Moscow back driving out 2 Panzer Army but damage done (several Russian cards require Stalin to be in Moscow to play to full effect).
Axis failed to take any other Victory Locations and in first winter this cost them 5 VP points thereby cancelling out the 5 earned for taking Moscow and killing Old Joe.
Dad fairly well ignored N.African theatre only bringing PzArmeeAfrika into play, occupying Malta but doing little else.
I had planned to do the same but a couple of Mandatory Orders for Allied Attacks saw me having to take action here.
As it turned out I clobbered a bunch of Italians and cut off PzAA which died to attrition.
I then cleared out the whole theatre of Axis forces.
In 1942 I got to use Sledgehammer invasion (I remembered to use FDR Declares War and US Build-Up cards this time) coming ashore at Calais.
I took temporary possession of Hololand and Antwerp for victory points but a Panzer Army soon arrived and retook these pushing me back to beaches.
This of course took said Panzers away from Russia and spent precious actions dealing with invasion (ie its whole point).
In Russia things still not going HItlers way as German failed to capture any VP locations either by direct assault or encirclement.
Lack of German reserves Corps saw couple of Armies die without replacement (ie permanently) and all I had to do was hold my ever strengthing lines against diminishing German power.
Subsequently in the Winter 1943 turn the Germans suffered a -6VP penalty for lack of VP locations which took them down to zero total required for Auto Alied Victory huzzah.
We both enjoy this game as despite its general course being the same (ie Germans try to kinock out Russia, Soviets desperately hang on as Allies build up in West and Africa is a side-show but cant be ignored), no two games play out the same due to vargaries of card play and of course dice rolls.
My dice rolls were quite awesome in this game (lots of 5/6s) whereas Dads were on the low side generally.
Great stuff.

Am hoping this arrives sometime this week especially after seeing teaser pages and the games run at Salute (sadly only on web). I enjoyed the Kursk rules but Normandy is really much more my 'thing'

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