Saturday, April 06, 2013

Combat Commander two more encounters battled through

Played Combat Commander again with Father after a weeks break.
Two scenarios played and usual mix of fun, frustration, events and excitement (with accompanying shouting and much wailing as appropriate)

First up was scenario from CC:E entitled 'Misty Mountain' with me as USA attacking some heavily dug-in (Trenches, Bunker and uphill posistions) German defenders in foggy conditions.
Things started quite well for Yanks with fog helping them advance and their reserves appeared quite quickly and it looked like they would be able to swamp Kraut left wing.
However this being Combat Commander pendulum swung quickly against them with Time Triggers appearing in very quick succession and seeing the Sudden Death roll triggered and game end pretty damn quickly with Krauts still well ahead on points.

For second game we decided to try the Random Scenario Generator which we have not used yet.
Stuck with CC:E to make things bit easier and we ended up using Map 11 with a German Rifle Detachment against a Russian Guards Rifle Detachment.
As these were identical Points cost it also ended up as a Recon vs Recon game.
Map 11 is very open and so our respective HMGs were dominant features of game which Dads Huns won very narrowly (ie 2 VPs) mainly due to his managing to get 3 Squads off my table edge against my one of his (it was double points for Exited troops).
We found the RSG very easy to use and looking forward to trying it again.


  1. really great blog, with many interests.

    I lost track but does Combat Commander includes tanks in a more than "generic" way?

  2. No vehicles of any kind in CC not even jeeps or suchlike. I thought the game would be lacking due to their omission but frankly I don't miss the clanking monsters due to the very good scenarios and gameplay. One or two scenarios include them in a very abstract way eg shooting from off map location.