Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Field Of Glory: Renaissance game

Game of Field Of Glory Renaissance played today at Stephens with my usual Early German Catholic army pitted against his Ottoman Turks.
Another super game and another total loss !!
I used Later Tercios as my core Foot and they suffered from the Turkish Artillery (6 pieces) and Muskets.
My Mounted managed to push back the Turk wings initally even killing a General (hoora) and taking out a unit of nasty Jannissaries but fell foul of shooting and a unit of Elite Spahis.
Great stuff once again with this ruleset.


  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Hi Gary, I really like the look of these games and the rules (which are still in my unplayed pile). Must give them a go for 9 Years War using Marlburian troops with pretend pike stand :-)
    How long did it take to finish and with how many units?
    Cheers, Norman

    1. Not the easiest set to get to grips with but we find them rather satisfying overall.
      Started playing around 1100hrs had 1/2 hr break for grub and finished around 1545hrs with 12 and 13 units per side (fairly average for the 800pts 'standard' game size)and this included terrain set-up and army deployments.
      This of course includes much waffling etc !! :-)
      Not sure how they will work for the Louis period ?
      I prefer Piquet, FOB or Beneath Lilly Banners for anything post 1670ish but not tried FOG so will be interesting to hear how you get on