Sunday, April 28, 2013

Combat Commander in triplicate

Played 3 games of Combat Commander at Dad's and another 3 super games they were. First up was a scenario from the Normandy battle pack pitting US vs Germans at Mortain.
A night time scenario with SS unit attacking Yanks on some small rises.
But the Yanks have great support from a battery of 105mm (and can use 5 Command Confusion cards as Artillery Requests).
SS got caught a few times by Pre-Registered Barrages (2 allowed in scenario) and under Star Shells and losses were such that they had little left to contest field (1 up to Allies ie moi).

Next game we used the Random Scenario Generator (using a Playing Card deck to sekect map).
This saw a German Line detatchment pitted against a full Soviet Guards SMG Company.
Whilst German defended they were simply overrun by the Guards who had battery of 82mm Mortars in support whose timley use of Smoke gave great cover to Soviet advance.
Another forced surrender on Germans (and 2 up for me).

We went with RSG again this time I had British Line Company assaulting an SS Detachment in fairly wooded terrain.
The large wood and smoke from my light mortars got me right up into SS faces and several successful assaults later I had the key victory locations against which remaining SS battered themselves to destruction (3 out of 3 for Allies !!)
This one had SS in a Bunker on a bridge which they were forced to abandon due to a blaze which spread straight down the road behind them forcing them out of hex and into further blaze of British fire.
I love this sort of stuff in CC.

Pretty poor iPhone pics as I forgot iPad

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