Tuesday, April 02, 2013

WWII Barbarossa To Berlin game played

Played a game of GMTs World War 2 Barbarossa To Berlin with my Dad (taking a wee break from Combat Commander) last night.
Another really fun session with this intriquing game. I made silly mistake early on of discarding the 'FDR Declares War' card which meant I could not bring USA into war, obtain the Total War deck.
Dad used 'Von Paulus Pause' card instead of 'Barbarossa' so a weaker initial assault on Soviet Russia (but with lessened effect of first Winter). But without US Build Up it meant only Axis had Tank Armies and their increased movement abilities ! However Russians held out quite well in the West and British Desert forces mopped up Italians pretty quickly and then crushed the newly arrived Panzer Armee Afrika at Tripoli and cleared whole of North Africa of Axis Forces.
But nowhere to go from there without Invasion options of later deck. Axis temporarily took Moscow killing Stalin in process but had to pull back as Siberians arrived to threaten their supply lines.
As we finished game in Fall 1943 I had just gotten FDR card into my hand again so touch and go whether Russians could hold out long enough to allow delayed second front.
Great stuff.

Initial moves on Ostfront

Desert Rats giving Italians what for

Pressure building around Moscow as Southern Front collapses

Tunisia denuded of Axis chaps

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