Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celtic Cup day one - Early TYW Catholic hit and miss

First day of Celtic Cup today on Belfast with my Early Catholics in action.
First game was a rather ecumenical style confrontation with myself the die hard Ulsterman fielding the Catholics against Mick Hession from Munster/Kerry direction fielding....... wait for it............... 1690 Williamite with King Billy himself in charge !
A very pretty army it was too (painted by the talented John Lavery) and Lukio (?) figures I believe.
More in the 18mm size range but very nice indeed.
This was a bit of a straight at them game as I was completely out gunned by all the Williamite shooters and closed as quick as possible.
I was rather lucky when Mick shot at my chaps as I managed to pass several Cohesion tests and only lost a couple of bases to Death Rolls.
The one exception was a unit of Kuirassier on my right which got shot to bits by Artillery.
I also lost a unit of Dragoons on my left to enemy Dragoons but thankfully two charging Kuirassier units managed to ride down 2 units of Foot and my Tercios got to grips with more foot breaking their opponents to give me the win (not sure how it was scored but something like 21-4)

Second game saw me playing Hugh from bonnie Scotland who also rather oddly fielded Royalist English commanded by Prince Rupert complete with his dog.
This game saw my dice rolling skills plummet to the more standard awful setting as I could not pass a Cohesion test at all.
The Superior status of key Royalist foot (and a hill gifted by me) proved decisive against the Tercios.
The Royalist horse led by Rupert himself managed to destroy a unit of Kuirassier lead by a General on my right killing the hapless sod in the process.
On my left another General succumbed leaving me unable to recover the numerous Disrupted units.
These soon became Fragmented or Broken giving Hugh a complete and utter Rout of my army (for 25-0).
I did not manage to even so much as Fragment a single English unit !!

Two excellent games against two gents and am looking forward to tomorrows games.

Couple pics of other games of FOGR (there were also several Dbmm games ongoing)

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