Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Band Of Heroes first outing for Lock N Load system

Played Lock N Load: Band of Heroes game tonight with my Dad the first we have tried the game together. Played the Neuville scenario.
We had good fun with the game despite having to get heads around a few novel gaming systems within the rules.
Nice to have tactical game with Tanks again and I would rate this game system as just behind Combat Commander but ahead of Conflict Of Heroes. Components rather nice (even the original 'haloed' maps I have) with good clear info.
The Operations Phase is an Impulse style which I like with players alternating Activations of hexes/units. AFVs took a bit of getting used to being essentially mobile support a few hidden vulnerabilities.
For instance an AFV hit by enemy weapon but which does not penetrate and destroyed they still test morale and can go Shaken if failed with two such occurrences causing Abandonment for game duration.
I found this sits well with bulk of battle accounts I have read but did seem strange when used with uber Tanks in many board or miniatures rules.
Movement is fairly intuitive but firing bit different in how it is calculated (a differential system) and resulting effect on troops (a morale test with differential added).
Leaders are important for their ability to co-ordinate adjacent hexes and especially for Rallying as bulk of units can only Rally if leader in good order in same hex.
Some units can attempt self rally like Tanks, Snipers and the like.
Infantry can become Shaken (no firing or moving) be reduced to half squads or Eliminated outright.
Units can use some low level tactical moves such as Low Crawl or Assault Moves if capable in addition to normal movement.
These little nuances are reminiscent of Squad Leader of course but scenarios are generally smaller here so bit less complexity overall.
Several items we did not come across in game were Hero generation and the various Skill cards and Events of other scenarios.
Looking forward to trying this one again especially as I have the British Para expansion and the 1940 Blitzkrieg stuff.

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