Sunday, May 25, 2014

FOGR Celtic Cup day two - another hit another miss

Second day of the fray today and another two excellent games of FOGR.
First was against John 'brushstroke' Lavery who was using a very nice Jacobite Rebellion Scots army.
Nicely painted plaid and some really nice little touches such as Highlanders being blown into the air and dead English on his bases (my photos do not do the army justice).
John set up in a fairly defensive configuration but manly came out to play (probably once he saw how slow and cumbersome the Tercios are.
I had good luck with my Cannons for once routing a unit to their front.
On my left I was reluctant to move my mounted too far forward as their would be flanked by Musket armed Warrior units in a vineyard. On my right John had a large enclosed field which he occupied with one unit but failed to get second unit in and these succumbed to charges by my Kurraiser aided by Croats. He had a unit of Irish muskets that went disrupted leaving another unit of Scots to get hit and defeated by a Tercio.
The Scots mounted are weak being only two units of two bases and the victory was mine when they both Auto Broke due to failed Death rolls.
I was however lucky with a 2 base Kuirassier unit to survive a 4 hit Death roll and cohesion test.
So another morning win with my only loss being my unit of Dragoons.

Afternoon and this time a 80 Years War Dutch army commanded by Scottish bloke George.
He had three units of medium Cannon which played merry hell with one of my Tercios rolling a mighty 14 hits out of 18 rolls from which I failed Cohesion tests to become broken rather quickly.
Both flanks saw clashes of mounted forces.
Dutch had a Swedish ally with Determined horse on my right one of which crushed a unit of Kurrassie and then swept over my isolated Cannon.
My other Kuirassiere and a Reiter unit manfully held on but could not destroy any enemy and the Reiters then broke under the pressure.
On my left we had a Kuirassier vs Kuirassier clash that went on for several combats with my lot losing a base and going Disrupted and losing their General ! for no effect on enemy.
I did however manage to swing my other Reiter unit around in the rear of the enemy but unbelievably in the Impact I failed to gain any hits (needing 3+ on 2 dice) but suffered 2 hits (needed 5+ on 2 dice) for a Cohesion and Death test of course I managed to fail both and ended up Fragmented !!
By this time my army had Broken for no loss to Dutch so a 25-0 defeat, which gave George the win in the FOGR competition and Team Scotland the team title.

Another two entertaining games against another two gents.

Couple pics of other games/players

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