Friday, May 16, 2014

Field Of Glory Renaissance - Early 30 Years War Catholic vs Later 30 Years War Protestant

Had practice game of FOGR at Stephens using an Early TYW Catholic army (with Early Tercios) against his Later Protestant TYW force.
What a bloody and extremely fun fun game this was. For once my dice rolling was ok (certainly could not be worse than last outing) and Stephens bit less successful than his normal.
One turn of combat between three of his Kurassiere units with two Generals and two of my Kurassiere and one unit of lowly Reitiers saw me roll 12 twice in a row to kill both his Generals !!
Mine then died the following turn of course.
My Tercios trundled across the table taking some hits from heavy and medium Artillery batteries but passing most death rolls (for once !).
They then managed to shoot up one Pike and Shot unit and bash another in combat causing their mates to waver alongside and leaving the center of his army in danger.
The big melee on my left involving the opposing Horse units was pretty much a blow out for us both.
We called it quits with both sides on 7 loss points (out of 12 each).
A really good game with lots of tense moments hinging on some key combats and dice rolls.
We also discovered a couple of rules we had overlooked before in that any hits involving Artillery that cause a Cohesion Test incurs a -1  and that Disrupted non-shock units must pass a CMT test to charge. (don't know how we missed these ?)
Looking forward to the competition now at end of May(Sat & Sun 24/25th).

Protestants deploy

My Horse units on left wing 

The Tercios 

 Horse wings approaching each other

 Tercios advance

 Action on Catholic right wing

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