Monday, December 17, 2012

Battle of the Bulge board Wargame

It being 16th of December it seemed appropriate to play a Bulge game at my fathers and so I dug out the low complexity Battle of the Bulge from Smithsonian Series by Avalon Hill (RIP).
A jolly good game it turned out to be too. Low complexity but a decent simulation. Only the rather generous Supply tracing paths and risk free Attacks (only defender can suffer hits) detracted from it.
Dad took Germans (just for a change) and done well on his left flank pushing through Bastogne and towards Marche but was stymied on his right and Center and then caught on his left by a deluge of US reserves. He then pulled back once his fuel reserves became depleted (he maybe adopted a strategy of advancing on too broad a front) as rather costly once Germans get across half way point of board.
We finished on 28th December turn with German pushed back almost to start line, holding only two objectives and with mounting losses. A US win but it looked dodgy for a spell.
Nice run out for one of my older and neglected games.


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  2. Looks like a fun game. Just how many board games do you have!?!?

  3. Same question as Ray and all the WW2 games you have show look great!!!

  4. Um not sure must get round to counting them

  5. I've got a very old copy of this AH game. Used to love it, played it quite abit. But now it sits in a box in the loft. Maybe not for long after reading this post