Saturday, December 15, 2012

IABSM a very brief attempt to play game

After a period of truly awful shifts (I have not 'endured' such since mid 90's) here in NI I managed to get a day off and to shoe in a brief (very ie about 1 hour) solo play of the IABSM scenario I have had set up.
Played a few turns getting British onto table via their 'Blinds' (very nice system this) and with a couple of ineffectual opening volleys at each other.
Pak 40 managed to miss Sherman in front of it but has given away its position !
Finding the rules quick intuitive once things get going and of course I like the card based play sequence and its inherent unpredictability.
I do see that I could do with labelling each 'Big Man' as hard to remember who is who in the heat of things.
Same probably desirable for individual Platoons.
I have used several small dice in 'frames' I got awhile back to mark Big Man values.
Hoping to get another go tomorrow and try the Direct and Indirect HE rules as well as the AFV and Close Combat rules.

British advance on the Blinds

And start to be spotted by hidden (ie also technically on Blinds) Germans

British Squadron revealed


  1. Looks great, I like the look of the tanks!

  2. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Leaving us on a cliff-edge here Gary with Jerry about to open up on our boys. I'm thinking I really should give this set of rules a go but as I have Pendraken 10mm remembering who the Big Men are is going to be even harder! Here's to a quiet Christmas. Norman

    1. With hours I am having to work at present it could be another long while before this gets resolved :-(