Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Paths Of Glory another game

Had another bash at the excellent Paths Of Glory board wargame with my Dad last night and again a very enjoyable game (with only a couple of minor and easily fixed brain-barfs this time !!)
We managed to play to end of 1916 and had both progressed to Limited and Total War decks.
The Germans on Western Front were in a few diffs with British offensive gaining ground (a sort of successful Somme) and couple of German armies permanently eliminated due to lack of retreat space.
To be fair to the Kaiser (ie my Dad) he did attack relentlessly on this front trying to break through (Verdun and Brussels changed hands several times) no boring pulling back to Rhine forts.
Dastardly Hun played 'French Mutiny' card which hampers offensive French action (-1VP if they attack) until Yanks appear and we were some measure short of that possibility.
On Eastern Front Russians were pretty much holding their own after a couple of poor German and Austro-Hungarian offensives and likelihood of Bolshevik Revolution taking Russia out of game seemed remote.
Italians in the fray and did draw off some Central Powers units but they are pretty weak of themselves.
As with all our plays of this game not much action in Near East or with Turkey or Balkan Powers as there always just seems to be something more important to do in major theaters of the war.
We both really like this game which despite its similarity to other CDG types just has that unfathomable 'something' that makes it stand out from the crowd.
Hard to put finger (or any other anatomical appendage) on just what the 'something' is but its there and in spades.

Initial set-up

Kaiser launches attack in West

Initial Hun gains but the troops in Antwerp were later destroyed (its a dodgy area to try to hold/garrison) in British Offensive in 1916. 

The Eastern Front with no Tannenberg to speak of

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