Friday, December 21, 2012

IABSM rules a proper try out

A day off !!!! so managed to get a game in with Stephen playing IABSM with the scenario I had set up on my table (seems to have been there for ages).
I took German defenders and re-jigged my defensive set up slightly (and mistakenly as it turned out).
Stephen took the British attackers.
Good game with a good try out of the various game mechanisms and systems.
We struggled a bit understanding some of the concepts around use of Blinds and Big Men but once we got it into our tiny brains it all flowed fine.
Neither of us having had time to fully read the rules not the most helpful situation of course !
Couple of minor rules issues need resolved such as whether units under Indirect HE fire count the Dense Target factor if applicable (ie units within 2" of each other) or whether this only applies to Direct Fire (which rules seem to imply).
Also biggest mistake was in how we made defenders deploy in relation to Blinds.
I read rules that a Platoon (of 3 x 8 man sections/squads) can only deploy on Blind and up to 2" from it which basically meant with 3 sections they had to be a maximum of 2 wide with third as 'second rank'. This was fine for deploying the attackers but a major crimp on defenders.
Using this for defense also meant a Spot revealed all three sections even those out of line of sight to rear. We now believe that as defenders in terrain are actually 'Hidden Units' rather than strictly blinds they can be deployed separately if desired (I drew positions on a map anyhow).
This would have made defense much more flexible and provided less targets for the roaming British Armour.
IABSM one of those sets that one really needs to play a few times to get to grips with but one I like  as it has that chaos factor via the card play that I enjoy.
If you don't like the possible frustrations of having a unit not activate every turn or a key card fail to turn up before turn ending 'Tea Break' card appears then not a set for you but I like this as it builds a nice 'narrative' style of play to games.

British advance

German Platoon deploys (note in depth as per Blinds size)

British Platoon caught in Mortar Barrage


  1. The set up looks nice and I'm curious how the game plays as I also bought the rules sometime back, but just haven't had a chance to try them.


  2. Yes looking good Sgt, hope it plays well.

  3. Damn good-looking table!

  4. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Good stuff Gary and good to see you getting some R&R - I really must give these rules a try. My understanding from other Lardy sets is that terrain counts as a blind so no need to use a marker, just draw their positions on a map - has the effect of the attacker believing there's a panzerfaust behind every hedgerow...

    1. Back to coal face tomorrow and have to work on Christmas Day :-(
      IABSM were quite good once we got the quirks of system into our heads.
      Artillery and direct fire HE are quite potent as auto pin Infantry targets and with additional ability to cause Shock or KIAs
      Yes terrain counts as blinds but I interpreted that too literally deploying a whole Platoon of 3 sections each time when I could have split them up more effectively.
      Good set overall I would put them par with Battlegroup Panzergrenadier for complexity and playability