Monday, February 10, 2014

Barbarossa To Berlin at Fathers

Played another game of Barbarossa To Berlin with my Dad last night (we both really like this game) with me as ever as Allies.
Dad used Von Paulus Pause instead of Op Barbarossa and struggled to get VP locations throughout 1941.
I had FDR declares war as early as possible which brought Total War into play before Axis could get to magic 11 VP minimum required for 20 point boost and so by Winter 43 (ie 42/43) with Op Torch and then Casablanca played the Allies obtained an Auto victory by knocking VPs down to nil.
Great fun as ever with a game we do not seem to tire of.

Tigers In The Mist a Bulge (yes another !) game arrived this week in pristine condition despite being second hand.
Lower level complexity than most but does look good.

And this one inbound The Supreme Commander (such delusions of grandeur I entertain)

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