Saturday, February 01, 2014

FOG Renaissance: Early Catholic vs Early Swedish

Played game of FOGR at Stephens today.
I used (just for a change) my Early Catholics with Later Tercios against Stephen with his Early Swedes with their hard as nails Brigades.
Game was excellent with early kudos to Catholic artillery which took out a full Swedish pike and shot unit with 4 hits as Stephen uncharacteristically rolled four ones for death rolls.
He lost a couple of Dragoon bases in similar fashion and was so disgusted he was close to conceding the game.
However he persevered and in familiar fashion once the Swedish Brigades got into combat my Infantry simply could not stand up to their Impact rolls.
Even disrupted but with a Regimental gun they rolled almost same dice as my fresh Tercios but hit on 3's to my 5's.
Even a unit of Cuirassier hitting one on a flank failed to kill the sods !
Their three Superior Brigades ripped my centre apart in short order.
I did manage to get a flank attack on (1 Cuirassier and a unit of 6 Reiters) but it narrowly failed to break through.
We had a lot of terrain today as I picked Hilly and it fell pretty well for me.
Celtic Cup in May is set to have a FOGR competition which I suspect I will enter.


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