Saturday, February 01, 2014

Battle For Stalingrad first play

Tried latest game acquisition 'Battle For Stalingrad' from DVG Games.
An entirely card based game with a very low rules overhead.
Accordingly it was very easy to get into the game.
Had two full play throughs of the game both ending in full Russian wins (one wins by capturing all 5 of the starting locations).
The Russian ability to generate units and 'Rations' (sort of Petrol, Oil,Lubricants and Defences) seemed rather tough mountain for Germans to climb.
No doubt further plays will reveal more adept German tactics.
Good quick game and easy to pick up.

We also managed to play the first scenario from Combat Commander: Pacific but I forgot to take any pics.
Dad took the Japanese and eacked out a win !
We did however get Time event wrong as we advance Time and Decks on all double sixes drawn (as this is the Time trigger in Europe version) when in fact this is not case in Pacific (seems to be on double ones).
Great system with high drama as always.

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