Friday, March 27, 2015

King Of The Battlefield and MInden Rose solo games

Having just use Maurice rules for a SYW bash I thought I would give King Of The Battlefield and Minden Rose rules a go using same table layout but with larger forces.

Another very enjoyable set couple of sets of rules that I really ought to use more.

This and last post make it sound like I had loads of time on my hands last few days but actually most of this was done in chunks of 30-40 mins very early or very late ie before or after work shifts. Hence the somewhat erratic nature of the photo quality !!

With KOTB I really like the way Cavalry Melees can potentially grow and grow in a turn if either side has units available to reinforce in attempt to break enemy.

Whilst the lack of actual firing (its effect is reflected as a Morale Test on target units) as such in initially jarring/odd it makes for a quickly resolved combat method.

Another fast play set that allows games with large forces in reasonable time.

Minden Rose I did get too much time with but again found this another decent set of fast play rules that are easy to play with low rules overhead.

A fairly bloody set when it comes to shooting/melee (a 2 base battery of Medium Guns get to throw 8 D6 needing 4-6 depending on range when firing) but this makes for fairly decisive outcomes and speeds up game.

I like the simple but effective Orders system (note I was using Gen De Brigade chits so Engage is actually Attack in MR)

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